The Haunted Cruise Pinball

You are a sailor lost at sea. Mist has risen around you. You see a ship and head towards it for help. As you get closer, you hear beautiful singing. The singing relaxes you and you slowly drift asleep, as you fall asleep you notice the ship's name: The Grand Douleur. You wake up on the ship's deck; Empty. Dark. Creaking. You feel as though the ship itself is alive. A large set of doors is infront of you. Without warning, the doors open and an apparition appears from within beckoning you to follow it into the ship...

• CAST •
You, the player A sailor lost at sea who found himself aboard this ghost ship. You're actively trying to find a way off the ship before you become the newest member of its crew.

Sea Spirit Sisters Protectors of the ship, they have a soft spot for lost souls, but a hatred for mankind. These spirits often present themselves as alluring mermaids, beautiful women, or young villainous girls.

The Grand Douleur An ancient ship forever roaming the seas. Feeding off the ghostly energy constantly surrounding it, the ship has gained a slight consciousness. It is very old and has seen many things. While it is saddened that it's decks are used to trap unknowing sailors, it also understands that it gains more consciousness with more ghosts that wander its halls. It will not actively try to harm living beings, but it will seize the moment if presented with an opportunity.

Trapped ghosts Lost sailors and families who fell victim to the ship. They're often willing to help folks who end up on the ship.

Mischievous ghosts Playful spirits who mean no harm, They just want to prank you. Sometimes, however, those pranks go too far...

Fiendish ghosts Ghosts who want your spirit to become a trapped

The playfiled consists of 2 levels:

The upper playfield is a stage dressed with augmented screen. Modes on this playfield tend to progress the game story.

The lower (main) playfield is largly filled with supplimental modes. These modes include ghost modes, shops, multiballs, combos, end of ball bonus elements, and many many more things to do along side the primary story. At times, these extra elements will modify how some objects on the augmented playfield work.


The Haunted Cruise leverages the power of the ARS platform's contemporary graphics and shading capibilites to seemlessly blend virtual spaces along side physical spaces.

(Coming Jan 2023)

Electromagnetic Pinball Museum and Restoration
881 Main St, Pawtucket, RI 02860

The Haunted Cruise will always be at EMP unless it is at a show.
Come and play any time!

Tentative Show dates

Texas Pinball Festival 2023 (pending legistics)

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show 2023 (pending legistics)

Pintastic New Englad 2023

Chicago Expo 2023

Comic Con RI 2023

Arival at EMP for the first time in 2022!
Arival at EMP for the first time in 2022!

Pintastic New England 2022
Pintastic New England 2022

Updated secondary playfield in time for Chicago
Updated secondary playfield in time for Chigago

Chicago Expo 2022
Chicago Expo 2022

There was a spill on Haunted Cruise... Kept the paper towels there for the rest of the event.
Chicago Expo 2022

ComiCon Rhode Island 2022
ComiCon Rhode Island 2022

Pinball Augmented Reality System playform

LINBALL Driver System Version 1

Unity 3D game engine


The Haunted Cruise(tm), associated art, music, layout, story, and characters unless otherwise exempt
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All Rights Reserved

Pinball Augmented Reality System(tm) and Linball(tm) Driver System
(c)2022 John K Manuelian
All Rights Reserved